In response to a more pro-active acquisition strategy and a changing business context of Sinai Group, the company will change its name to SG Nordic, launch a new corporate website and introduce a new company visual identity.

As of January 30th 2017, Sinai Group will change its name to SG Nordic.

“SG Nordic has been operating in the Danish market since 2010. We have built a strong and very profitable organisation, who is managing the acquisition processes and asset management in-house. SG Nordic has succeeded to establish a strong local presence and acquired a large portfolio backed by our private and institutional investors. The change reflects the very positive expansion that the company has experienced over the last years and aligns the company name with its strong organisation and its Nordic core market.” – Erez Karti, CEO.

Today, SG Nordic owns and operates more than 25 assets and is committed to the acquisition of additional 9 stand-alone supermarkets, which will be finalized during 2017 and 2018.